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Omar Gallaga at CNN has stumbled upon an fascinating parallel. The rise and fall and rise again of tech giant Apple is stunningly similar to the adventures of Walter White in Breaking Bad. The similarities between Steve Jobs and Walter White are especially spine tingling.

Here are two excerpts from Mr. Gallaga’s article:

“What makes Apple so successful? Like Walter White, it has mixed the proper elements at just the right amounts to create highly pure, addictive products. The products have been made within secretive working conditions. The skill employed to design and manufacture them tends to make what competitors put out seem like cheaper, cloudier, less effective imitations.”


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Alright folks, this week’s major article concerns eSports and the future of gaming as a profession. In this nifty CNN article below, we talk about pro gaming with a focus in Starcraft 2. The article (and its predecessors) follow the story of both MKP and MVP from what I remember in the earlier articles, and mostly discuss addiction and how eSports shouldn’t be considered sports. From the growing eSports scene and my own personal viewpoints, I’ve decided that this is a topic worth discussing in general with the fan base here on Banana Scoop, or at least the video game fan base here on Banana Scoop. Anyway, hopefully you’ll check out my little blurb about this below and consider what I have to say. (more…)

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