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I’ve been perusing the internet as of late and found something incredibly interesting to keep track of. StarCrafts is a series of short animations involving the units from the universe of Blizzard’s Starcraft. It gives a certain personality to the characters involved, and makes the normally serious atmosphere of the game relatively childish and fun (personally my favorites are the dog-like zerglings or the short, pudgy marines). There are a total of 7 episodes out right now, with more on the way in a relatively timely fashion. Hopefully you all enjoy the videos.

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Alright folks, this week’s major article concerns eSports and the future of gaming as a profession. In this nifty CNN article below, we talk about pro gaming with a focus in Starcraft 2. The article (and its predecessors) follow the story of both MKP and MVP from what I remember in the earlier articles, and mostly discuss addiction and how eSports shouldn’t be considered sports. From the growing eSports scene and my own personal viewpoints, I’ve decided that this is a topic worth discussing in general with the fan base here on Banana Scoop, or at least the video game fan base here on Banana Scoop. Anyway, hopefully you’ll check out my little blurb about this below and consider what I have to say. (more…)

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Ominous text to a degree...let's roll with it.

Well folks, it was bound to happen eventually. Here’s my coverage of this week’s Game of the Week: Starcraft 2. Heeded as one of the greatest real time strategy games of all time, following predecessors such as Warcraft, Starcraft and Red Alert, Starcraft 2 has improved upon the already complex system of the original. Before I move further with this article, however, allow me to preface it by saying that it has been a while since I’ve played, and I may or may not murder character names…that is all. With an abundance of troops, an interesting storyline, and a major graphic overhaul, Starcraft 2 is definitely a fun game to get into, but I suggest looking elsewhere if you aren’t into it for the multiplayer. While the story is set up well enough, the true playability of this game comes from clicking that ‘find match’ button and improving your micro/macro and overall strategy. I myself was guilty of that initially, but came to embrace (and fear) playing against others to see where I ranked against the rest of the world. (more…)

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