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If you read the title, I know you’re thinking, ‘wow, just three, this guys has no idea what he’s talking about’.  Admittedly, I went to the internet to try and find any more than the three I have here.  But everyone else I read on the lists were just geniuses that the stories themselves were not necessarily about them: Doc Brown from Back to the Future, Jimmy Neutron, Revenge of the Nerds etc, etc.  I decided against including these geniuses in my list due to the fact that they weren’t technically ‘biopics’, so all we have now are these three movies that completely center around these extremely interesting characters.  And I used the quoted ‘Biopics’ because technically one of them isn’t based on a true story.  I’ve included the trailer for each of the movies, but it’s hilarious and sad at the same time how they don’t carry the significantly emotional tone each of the films have in the 2 minute preview.  Hit the jump for more.


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