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Alright, prepare for this big block of text. While I would love to spice this post up with a lot of awesome pictures and really cool stuff, I feel like it would detract from the overall point of this review. This is meant to be my own opinion of it, and shouldn’t really matter to you if you disagree with me. That being said, this is a really well done DLC and I have thoroughly enjoyed playing through each and every comedic moment it had to offer. From the witty and interesting Captain Scarlett to the creepy and rather strange Herbert, this DLC had be wanting more and more (at least, up until I had to start fighting more Hyperion robots. It would be nice to note at this point that while I did beat the DLC, I have yet to try and take down Master Gee, so I can’t really give you a good amount of detail concerning their drops. I can, however, give you an idea of how Hyperius is, and how much I enjoy the new tier of guns. Shall we move on to the review?


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