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Martin Scorsese is widely regarded as one of the best directors in the industry today.  You don’t need to be a film buff to enjoy most of his work, but if you are, you can appreciate it all the more.  He has a large resume of impressive movies ranging from Goodfellas to Gangs of New York.  He’s directed some of the most mesmerizing performances from Robert DeNiro and Leonardo DiCaprio.  The last Director Filmography Ranked I did was for Christopher Nolan, and like him, it’s incredibly difficult to place one movie in front of another.  So I eventually had to base it more off of what I’d rewatch over and over again.  Hit the jump for the [very flawed and biased] ranking of the 8 Martin Scorsese movies I’ve seen so far.  Be sure to recommend to me any ones I missed.  I’ve particularly heard Casino is very good.


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Cracked.com continues to be one of the best satirical writers out there on the vast web today.  Once again they’ve come up with a sensible list of obscure movie details that wows its readers with its thought-out and flawless logic.  This time, they’ve taken 6 seemingly happy endings to 6 different movies and laid out how, in all-reality, bodes illness for the future.  Hit the link for the extremely satisfying breakdown.  Spoilers beware.


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