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As the title states, we may be closer to the awesome holographic touch interface we’re familiar from the Iron Man movies. We’ve all seen the amazing holographic interface that Stark uses on a daily basis to do anything ranging from surfing the internet to creating complex (and brand new) elements to add to the table. While we may be far from light-based ocular constructs, we are getting ever so close to the pinnacle of touch screen technology. Now if we can only figure out a way to make awesome omni-tool based devices by solidifying light and adding circuits and other fancy things. A geek can dream! The best part about the leap is that it is indeed available for pre-order if not purchase now for around 70$. While that may seem a little expensive, it’s generally up to the consumer to figure out if they ‘need’ it or not. Let me know what you all think.

Source: Leap Interface

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Talented artist FerioWind combined two favorite pop culture worlds: Marvel and Pokemon.  In each of these pictures, Avengers major players have been paired with fitting Pokemon.  Thor and his electrics, Loki and his dark types, etc. etc. I particularly like the irony of Hulk’s Pokemon being the cuddliest.  I suppose it calms him.  I am a generation 1 + 2 man, so some of these don’t register with me, but combining Hawkeye and Pidgeot was a good call.  Below I’ve compiled all their individual profiles with the addition of Agent Phil and others!


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