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Christmas has occurred and that always meant gift giving and receiving is a tradition all around the world.  In my case, being a 21 year old, some would say that the things you ask your parents for Christmas has drastically changed.  Back then, you would ask for video games and books and the like.  I’ve asked around my friends and now they’re saying they have asked for nothing or adult things like batteries or utensils.

I don’t have to remind you that I’m a certified geek, but I will remind you that being a geek can mean keeping hobbies that requires the purchasing of memorabilia.  So while my friends are asking for furniture or a fancy bottle of spirits, I still haven’t changed 21 years later.  I’ve largely asked and received comic books.  The volumes and trades I’ll share with you below!  Maybe now you’ll see the pun that I’ve infused with the above title.


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