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If you’ve been visiting the blog lately, I’ve posted a number of pictures I’ve drawn all relating to original characters I created for a series I’ve titled The Black Carnival.  The Black Carnival is a series I’ve created and is a story about a carnival whose employees, acts, and managers are mythical creatures and beings, masquerading to blend in society.  I’ve created some character concepts of the main characters.  The descriptions I’ve included in the times I’ve posted these images have been vague, because I’ve recently been trying to get the outline and manuscript in order.

Above we have the lead of our story, Gillian Eliza Reily Akers.  Gillian, pronounced Gilly-an, is a timid and educated girl, who excelled at combative sports and fencing.  Gillian grew up a normal life  with her overprotective and conservative father and her wild and spontaneous mother.  She’s a spitting image of her father in both personality and appearance and often questions if she inherited anything from her extraverted and perplexing mother.  When tragedy strikes Gillian, she learns more about secrets her mother hid from her, which leads Gillian on an adventure to the Black Carnival where her mother’s mysterious legacy changes her life forever.

It’s at the Black Carnival where she meets a number of new friends and enemies, some of which I’ve listed below!


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While everyone loves a good zombie movie, it’s a known fact that they don’t come without plot holes.  Simple ideas such as “what happens when the zombies don’t eat for a long time” vs “Does getting bitten or scratched merit a zombification” are easily called upon.  But of course the geniuses at Cracked have compiled an awesome list of gaping holes that not only occur in one movie, but all movies.  Check out the list after the jump.  Speaking of zombies we only have a couple of more weeks until Walking Dead Season 3!!  And a couple more months until Brad Pitt’s World War Z!!  We haven’t had a good zombie movie since Zombieland…

Zombie Movie Plot Holes

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