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By no means are we a political site, nor is this image supposed to send a particular message.  As a favor to a friend, I drew Presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a Borg from Star Trek.  In all honesty, I have never seen the original Star Trek series nor the next series with Patrick Stewart, so I had to Google what it was.  The Resistance is Futile slogan is well known enough in pop culture and I had a blast drawing that awesome optical thingy I put on his head.  What exactly can Borgs do?  Does our boy Mitt have what it takes to be a Borg?

And who in the hell should I vote for come November?  Let me know in the comments and in the poll!

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Another one of Cracked.com’s photoplasties.  This one was when they took popular movie scenes and added a couple of feet to the left, right, above, or below.   With very hilarious results too.  We have meta, ironic, satirical, witiful, and very entertaining contributions.  Check it all out via the link below.

Out of Frame Movie References

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Pop culture is all around us today.  It entertains us with their creative innovation and gimmicks.  What’s to say that these programs and games don’t exist in movie and tv universes.  The link below will get you to another Cracked photoplasty where they’ve taken famous characters and put them in situations we see daily, whether that be watching American Idol or playing their version of Angry Birds.

21 Pieces of Pop Culture from Fictional Universes

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