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We all love Hermione Granger and Emma Watson.  What we have hear is a rather interesting take if she was sorted into a different house.  I suppose the concept here is that based on the house, a certain type of personality or persona is established.  It’s no stranger that most people from Slytherin are jerks and slimy, and to assume that it would apply to most isn’t a far stretch given their track records.  So this image features subtly different attributes into Hermione Granger if she were sorted in a different house. I personally like the kindness in Ravenclaw Hermione, and I am a sucker for brown hair/blue eyes, but I don’t mind the spunky attitude of Slytherin Hermione.  Then again, Hufflepuff Hermione looks like she was kissed by fire and the alliteration is oh too sweet.  And then classic Gryffindor Hermion is just as beautiful.  I’ll take them all please.

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