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I admit, this isn’t videogame, movie, nor is it tv related.  But I thought it’s generally neat how amazing this thing is [next thing you know, Banana Scoop will be covering technology and gadgets haha…Uh oh, we kinda already do that don’t we? Lol.]  But otherwise, this image just screams awesomeness for several reasons. 1) It’s made of Lego and Bionicle.  Trust me, I know those pieces, I played with those things for a better half of my life.  2) The movement is so seamless that it must be some sort of Graduate student’s final project or something like that.  Not only does it perform the task it asks you to do, it also lowers and raises it, and is designed to look somewhat attractive.   How do you begin to code something like this?  I’ve only taken one Computer Science course, but the sheer mechanics of this are mindboggling…

Keep watching in it’s awesomeness and then proceed immediately to buying a Rubix cube to prove you’re smarter than a machine.

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This is a really colorful image that pitches Aang, the master of the four elements [as stated in the popular Nickelodeon series Avatar: the Last Airbender] against the master of the periodic table of elements, Dmitri Mendeleev. It’s quite hilarious in the way when science and popular culture clashes. In truth, only nerds, engineers, and geeks will truly understand this. And since I fall under all three of those categories, this tickles me greatly.

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