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Oh wow does this look REALLY cool. While the video I’ve shown you is just a visualization and a little bit of an overview of this game, I hope that you all will take the time to at least check out their kickstarter campaign to get this show on the road. While I’m not openly advertising this company and kickstarters as a whole put me on edge, I wouldn’t mind just helping them along by linking to it down below. While I most likely won’t be getting the game and playing it for days on end like I have with previous titles, the idea alone sparked enough of an interest in me to at least support it on some level. It looks like an RTS style game in which you can control an entire solar system by building more and more. In contrast to most RTS style games where your maps consist of a single city or barren wasteland, this game will have you on edge trying to compete for multiple bodies in space for resources and control. If that in itself doesn’t interest you in the slightest then at least it’s a really cool video to watch.

Kickstarter: Planetary Annihilation

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