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When I first tried to get into this show, I actually had to Google the difference between the US Marshall Services and the difference between the FBI, State, and Local Police.  You’d think at first glance they’d solve crimes like the people on Dexter, CSI, Law and Order, generic crime show.  But the US Marshalls deal specifically with tracking down federal fugitives and escorting government-important personnel.  So here I am, all caught up with the shenanigans of US Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) and criminal mastermind Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins).  Givens is a wise cracking, cowboy hat wearing, southern twang talking, Han Solo-esque men of men who tracks down the baddies while protecting the ones he cares for with his favorite pistol by his side and a conflicted sense of morality.  Crowder is a spiritually conflicted man who has used his wit to slither his way through the crime rings of Harlan County, Kentucky, as he tries to take back the town his family once owned. Combined with cultural insight to southern lifestyles, an amazing cast, and a surprisingly central and amazing storyline, Raylan Givens and company give us one of the most badass shows on air.

Raylan Givens has recently been transferred from the US Deputy Marshall service in Miami back to his hometown in Kentucky for seemingly gunning down a drug lord in plain sight in the light of day.  The chief is hesitant to add him to his team for Givens’s unorthodox and trigger happy methods, but can’t deny that Givens brings results when it comes to tracking down Kentucky’s most wanted.  As Givens returns home, he encounters his criminally estranged father, the step mother who raised him, a sour ex-wife, an old crush, and his old friend from his coal mine who has turned into one of Kentucky’s most dangerous terrorists, Boyd Crowder.  Raylan deals with himself, these people, and Kentucky’s most wanted as he gunslings everywhere from Lexington to Frankfurt to Harlan County.  Minor spoilers ahead, keep reading for more detail.


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