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I’ve never been more excited for a game than the upcoming sequel to 2009’s runaway hit Borderlands.  Combining RPG and FPS shooter elements to a quirky styled game made an excellent stew of a game.  Leveling up and variety of guns made the staying power and the mayhem of fire fights made the fun.  Despite owning the game for a couple of months now, I’ve made it a goal to finish the first one by killing Crawmerax the Invincible before the September 18th release date.  As we wait though, the developers Gearbox Software has been slowly trickling out information to satiate the rabid fanbase.  And it looks like it won’t disappoint.  By giving the game a better story, varied environments, and face to the villain, all the main problems seem to be already have fixed.  And by adding even more guns, crazier enemies, and new classes, we might be looking at Game of the Year right here.  I’ve consolidated a lot of the media Gearbox has released in this post, be sure to check it all out.

All art comes from MentalMars’s Deviant Art Page, be sure to check it out!


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