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Cracked compiled another article from movies.  This one labels several jobs from people in movies whose sloth or ineptitude allowed entire movies to transpire.  Take Tommy Lee Jones from above who plays a cop from No Country For Old Men.  Because of his slow methodology and sitting on the couch drinking milk, he allowed the main characters to go on an entire spiel when it could’ve been averted.  Check out the very cool article below.

Movies Made Possible by Others Sucking at Their Job


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How do you rank the best of the best?  With loads of bias and favortism, that’s how.  I recently tried to finish up the past decade of best picture movies with finally watching Crash for the first time.  Now that all of that is said and done, I can finally attempt to rank each of these movies.  They’re all extremely good and it’s difficult to place on in front of the other for different reasons.  This ranking was as difficult as ranking Pixar’s best.  It’s just way too hard for someone to do without a score system of some sort.  Some have really strong supporting characters, others fantastic storylines.  How put one in front of the other?  In the end, I decided on placing movies I’d watch again and again as top priority.  Sure, my reasoning is full of holes and my descriptions don’t often justify the ranking, but I’m more doing this to hear what you guys have to say.  Anyways here’s the breakdown and thus the start of my journey to seal up the 90’s Best picture.  Here I come: Shakespeare in Love, The English Patient, and Unforgiven.


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