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There’s a certain pretenciousness that comes with being a Movie Buff.  We judge others for their lack of interest/ignorance when it comes to the industry.  You always have something to say when someone says they’re excited for the next Transformers movie.  You vomit endless amounts of useless information when someone asks you who that black actor in Die Hard 3 was.  A while back, I did an article about the benefits of being a movie buff, but there are certainly cons that also come with it.  And I request you movie buffs out there to be sure to tone yourself down when you do these things, because even I find them obnoxious from time to time.  And to those I’ve talked to, I’m sorry if I movie douched you in any way.  This list I’ve come up with are the direct experiences with what I’ve done and what I’ve seen others do.  But if you’re with your movie buddies, go buck wild.  So here are ways you can act like a pretentious movie douche.  **Note, this is a very attacking article and very stupid in my opinion.  I mainly wrote it to vent some built up feelings.  Feel my wrath.


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