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Without a doubt, in my experience, one of video game’s most fearsome enemy, the Creeper, may simply be misunderstood.  The motive behind any animal force essentially sacrificing itself for a chance at killing you is definitely worth looking into.  From my understanding, zombies want to eat you guts, spiders want to eat your guts, and skeleton warriors may also wanna eat your guts.  But the motive behind this creature who kills you for no known benefit is a tougher cookie to crack.  There have been images where they claim Creepers as the protectors of the lands who take out punks who are digging holes, cutting trees, and slaughtering wild life like you out.  They’re possibly defending the land and their own children from you.  Maybe you’re the video game industry’s biggest enemy.  As a being you’ve killed probably millions of fictional characters, so maybe you’re the one that’s a monster and not this cuddly green…thing.

Anywho, below are two more adorable images of Creepers.  Thanks to Deviant Artists everywhere for their imaginative renditions.


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