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As a followup to one of my earlier posts concerning action figures from the Avengers movie, here is a tiny Black Widow action figure for you to drool over. Noticeably absent from the original cast of action figures, we now see that the figurine was definitely worth the wait. Lifelike to an extent, this collectible definitely belongs with the other celebrity look-a-like Avengers. Check out a gallery of photos from Kotaku in the link below.

Source: Black Widow Figurine


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If you’ve seen the Avengers, you’ll know that the level of destruction in the final fight was borderline Transformers levels of destruction where entire buildings were falling dozens of cars exploding every minutes.  Some cost analysts actually figured out how much all the damage would actually cost and came up with a very large number: $160 billion dollars.  The article compares this disaster to other disasters that occurred.  Let’s just say that we don’t wanna be angering any alien forces anytime soon.

The Avengers Final Fight Collateral

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