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We definitely do love Katamari

Hello fellow game enthusiasts, and welcome to this week’s edition of Game of the Week. This week I’ll be covering an oldie but a goodie, Katamari Damacy. In this tripped out, colorful world, you control a character known as the Prince, trying to collect huge amounts of stuff into giant balls with an object known as a Katamari. I didn’t read too much into the storyline, as I was having too much fun actually playing the game. While the characters were fun and memorable, it was the gameplay and casual fun-ness of it all that drew me in and kept me playing for hours and hours on end while trying to complete each level. Overall I would definitely recommend that you pick up this game if you want to have an extra casual, interesting game to play that will keep you entertained when your Diablo or Call of Duty gets stale.


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