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Very similar to yesterday’s post regarding Mike O’Brien getting famous celebrities to do crazy things in his closet, Zach ‘Alan’ Galifianakis gets famous A-listers to sit down in his garage to talk for a bit.  According to Galifianakis himself, he apparently calls up celebs and asks them to leave their lawyers and guards behind him and sit down with him in a garage to do a short interview.  What happens is that Galifianakis himself becomes a disgusting and awkward host to the unsuspecting celebs which forces them into gleefully uncomfortable situations. Some actors maintain their game face and play along while others get completely upset and storm off.  It’s all staged of course, but that doesn’t take away how awesome both this host and the interviewees are.  I always believed Sean Penn to have a major stick up his ass, but after he did this, I kinda like him a lot better now…even if he did the interview with that persona, you have to admit that agreeing to do this was completely unlike his character.  Check out my favorites below!


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