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Musicals with animated animals have always been absolutely adorable.  So when the original Happy Feet opened, there was something even more adorable when we had an unlikely animal such as the penguin singing beats ranging from the 70s to now.  Throw in a likable penguin who can’t sing like the rest of the community but would rather dance and you don’t even stand a chance.  Maybe this is why it beat out Pixar’s Cars.  So how does the sequel stand up?

Mumble (Elijah Wood) is back with some kids of his own with his loved one Gloria (now played by P!nk due to the late Brittany Snow).  This time the community has embraced dancing and tries to teach it to its younger generation.  Throw in some elephant seals, some semi-likable Krill, a Puffin, a toned down Robin Williams,  and another global issue and you get a seemingly rushed and scrapped together film they call Happy Feet 2.  Despite all these issues, it still inspires some of the magic it once had through its spine tingling musical numbers and fantastic visuals.


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