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Please think of a movie where Samuel L. Jackson is the lead role that’s made millions and millions of dollars…I’m having a difficult time.  Now think of money making franchises that Samuel L. Jackson has had a supporting role in.  Star Wars the prequels.  Jurassic Park.  Kill Bill.  The past 5 or so Marvel movies, and then include the actual Avengers movie.  We’re talking millions here since the 80s and 90s all the way to now.  Entertainment Weekly and I’m entirely sure a large number of other websites have put the numbers together and deemed Mr. Jackson the highest grossing actor.  And rightfully so.  His movies are making so much bank, and he’s not even the lead character.  It has to be something about casting him as a guiding side character that is the key to making a multi-million dollar movie.  Definitely.

The Actor with the Highest Box Office is…Samuel L. Jackson?


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