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I’m going to apologize for this wall of text with a lack of images, as I couldn’t really find anything that I hadn’t used already. After quite a few hours logged on the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer since the release of the Earth DLC, I can say that I’m pleasantly surprised by the amount of effort and new material pumped into this installment of content. Thus far, I have only unlocked 4 of the 6 new classes and 2 of the 3 new guns, with a lot of additional gear bonuses and weapon mods that I won’t begin to tabulate. The new maps each give a sense of impending doom with reapers falling from the sky in each, although I have to say that Vancouver is rather massive for a Mass Effect multiplayer map. It was incredibly large and hard to really get a grasp of while playing. Anyway, let’s move along to covering the details of each part of the DLC, starting with characters.


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