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Apparently there’s a big deal regarding this book, 50 Shades of Grey that has to deal with women wanted to be put into submission in order to satiate their…desires.  Well naturally, this created some opportunities to have some fun with this.  Funny Or Die has then enlisted Selena Gomez and Nick Kroll to reenact a parody that gives me a slight idea of what this book is all about and it looks just as dumb as what this parody makes it out to be.  Let’s hear ya’lls opinion on anyone who’s actually read the book.  Meanwhile, I’ll be diving right back into my Song of Ice and Fire series.

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Funny Or Die is a website created and partially maintained by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and their production company.  It serves as a site very similar to CollegeHumor, that serves as an entertainment website for its readers.  On occasion CollegeHumor has featured celebrities that contribute to its already popular library.  But the up that Funny Or Die has is that it even more frequently utilizes A-listers to make videos that are absolutely hysterical with the 1st class production value.  So I’ve compiled some of my favorite videos from Funny or Die below.   I’m sure long after this post is done, they will continue to pump out more and more videos.  Most of these videos are un-embeddable, so most likely, you’ll have to jump over to Youtube to actually watch them.  Rergardless, enjoy below.


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