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I’ve finally caught up with breaking bad after season 4 ended at the end of the summer and I have to say that this was probably my favorite season.  I probably understand that not many of my readers are viewers of this show because it’s fairly under the radar.  So to those who haven’t broken bad [a slang term to define those who have turned to making crystal meth to make money], this is a story about a genius high school chemistry teacher who has teamed up with a white trash punk to make methamphetamine to pay off his cancer bills.  As similar to Weeds [a show I tried, but couldn’t finish watching], this tale is far more darker and all around badass.  And as you could imagine after 4 seasons, shit has really hit the fan where our leads get mixed up with the DEA, Mexican Drug Cartel, and the biggest meth dealers in the southern United States.  And as season 4 wrapped up, we’re finally given the closure we’ve been wanting [that is, until Breaking Bad’s fifth and final season comes out next year].  Read below for my take on season 4 as a whole.  Major spoilers beware!


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