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It is time for part 2 of my Borderlands 2 in-depth character guides. This week we focus on Zero, the Assassin. With an active ability similar to Lilith’s phasewalk with a lot less power (depending on your perspective on kunais), this character focuses on darting to and fro in battle, concealing himself and throwing enemies off his trail with his decoy before landing immense amounts of damage from the passive boost to gun or melee damage when breaking stealth. In this guide I’ll do the same that I did before concerning Axton. I’ll cover the history of the character, favorite builds, recommended weaponry, and other insightful information pertaining to this character. I will make a side note that Zer0 seems to be one of the most popular online characters for some reason, and many people find themselves lacking in diversity as far as parties are concerned, which intrigues me, as I also started with him. Unfortunately, his ability just didn’t seem to impress me as much as I thought it would, so I converted to playing both Gaige and Axton for a while. I’m also currently working on a Maya, but we’ll see how long that skillset intrigues me. Anyway, on to the guide…



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