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Talk about BA.

Alright, so if you’re hyped up for Vigil Studios’ sequel to bestseller Darksiders, you’re in for what appears to be an incredible treat. Not only have the devs allowed you to wield the power of death himself, but they’ve also allowed you to customize how death kills all the things. With branching skill trees and a slew of weapons with which to beat the evil things that go bump in the night senseless, Kotaku’s latest misleading title cues us in to the level of diversity (which I highly doubt there can be much, but I can be wrong) in which one can customize their character in this GoW-esque hack and slash. Now I for one may not be persuaded to pick it up on launch day as of right now, but with the right shiny things and the promise of endless hours of gameplay I may just change my mind. Unfortunately, with games such as this I find myself skeptical of just how much ‘customization’ one can really do with a character. In the end there are always skills that outshine others and will undoubtedly be maxed out in terms of usability. I won’t say too much more, however, as things could change. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, won’t we?

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