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Today’s Morning Link(s) is wickedly exciting because it is about one of the coolest sites on the interweb and how it funded one of the coolest gaming projects of the year. The site is Kickstarter and the treasure is the Ouya. If you are familiar with both of these beauties I still encourage you to comment and bond with me in manic excitement. If you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter it is a crowd funding website dedicated to creative projects. Anyone with a creative idea can submit a video and receive funding from the Kickstarter community to make their dream a reality. If you are interested in Kickstarter get your artistic/innovative/favorite pants on and  start browsing!

The second and more seductive half of today’s Morning Link is the Ouya. The Ouya is an upcoming video game console due in early 2013 that runs on the open source Android platform, starts at $99, and requires every game to offer some kind of  free-to-play option. The Ouya was Kickstarter’s fastest project to reach the one million dollar donated mark and finished at a grand total of $8,596,475. The Ouya represents everything that the console gaming world has been missing; portability, affordability, and ease of game development. I’m going to cut myself off now because when I talk about the Ouya too much my face starts to melt. Please check out the Ouya Kickstarter campaign that made it all possible here and the official site here.

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