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A couple of notes with this page

  • I’m experimenting with different shading now and all around a different approach to the admittingly dull page 5.
  • I’m starting to get faster and faster, seeing as how I’ve increased the number of panels while still being able to get this page done in time.  There is still a lot of experiment with, though I think I’m headed in a good direction!
  • I don’t think color is quite achievable yet, although I’m getting faster, I really want to nail basic drawing and repeated poses before I start adventuring into coloring and shading.
  • Let me know what you think!

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2014-01-02 21:16

A couple of notes about this page.  Admittingly this is not one of my best pages.  I was in a rush to get this done by today and I phoned in a lot of parts.  The biggest law defying part of nature [from aside of the typos and unreadable font] is definitely Gillian’s right boob, which I apologize for haha.  I had only noticed how off it looked as I begun shading and I admittingly said ‘fck that’ and kept it because I was on a deadline.  I’ve been mismanaging my time lately, what with getting accustomed to school and such [my senior design class is killin’ me].  However I’m currently more focused on quantity of quality at the moment because I’m training myself continuously to have a mindset of not letting things go under the rug.  I’m hoping it’ll teach me to manage my time better and the like.

All that being said, that concludes the prologue to the Black Carnival! Next week we’ll start the real show [or at least the cover page to the real show haha.]

At some point, I may transition from Photoshop to Manga Studio for my comic making.  I’m getting bogged down quite a bit with formatting and the like and I’ve heard Manga Studio can rapidly optimize what I’m aiming for.  Of course I have to learn Manga Studio, so it’ll take some time first to do so.  I’m telling you this because [while I hope it doesn’t happen] there might be a break sooner or later where I test do a page in Manga Studio.  Anywho, just some general news.

Thanks for reading everyone, feel free to point out all the continuity mistakes and typos below!  Or if you have any real questions or concerns, feel free to throw those in as well!

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The beautiful product of Adobe Illustrator.  This project took about 8 hours.  When  I was working with only Photoshop, I never did anything this distinct, clean, or clear as this.  Illustrator just takes things to a whole new level.  Shadows are easier, lines are clearer, and organizing is all around better.  I’m very excited if this is my first real work with Illustrator, I can only get better right?  I’ll keep you all posted as I continue to draw art like this.

Heavy Influence from Monster Madness.



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