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One would believe that this post was inspired by the recent popularity of my Tuesday post, 10 Favorite TV Characters of the Year, but in reality, both of these posts were written back to back and I just simply queued this one for a later date.  And especially as the ‘new year’ escapes us, I wanted to publish as many of these, ‘wrap up 2011’ posts as quickly as possible.  So please don’t fry my buns and deem this post as a selfish attempt to get more views.  But even if you never thought that in the first place, let’s get on with the show.

As I searched through 2011 movies, I’m rather disappointed in the relative lack of new characters.  Another heavy year of sequels and remakes, it was difficult finding 10 worthy characters that truly inspired and put goosebumps in my skin.  Out of these 10, I believe only about 6-7 truly deserve any praise, but I chose 10 to give some benefit of the doubt.  Only unfortunately, I haven’t seen EVERY movie in 2011, especially the tons of December releases, but I made it about as clear cut as I could.  Here’s the list below.


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