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Timeout is celebrating the best film fools.  Men and women who are extremely arrogant and ignorant in real life get on my nerves, but when they’re on the screen messing with other people, it  can make a very pleasant movie.  My favorite fools are the incompetent leads in many of the Coen Brother films who make frequent appearances in these lists.  Be sure to leave your favorite film fool in the comment below.

50 Best Film Fools

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It’s no surprise that the Coen Brothers make some of the most memorable characters in movie history.  Each of their movies seem to have a perfect balance between quirky hilarious and downright terrifying.  Even their one movie I never seemed to comprehend, A Serious Man, had some decent memorable characters.  Here’s the list of my five favorite characters from their very long and impressive resume.  Feel free to chime in when you feel as though I’ve forgotten somebody.


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