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The settlers must’ve had tough time settling on any land.  We’re all read about it in the history books.  You come with essentially nothing but your own hands, and you’re expected to create a profitable civilization in which you culture growth, safety, and prosperity.  There are many video games like that, where you build from the ground up.  Many of those being similar to Farmville or Tiny Tower types.  The type where you have nothing and then through many hours of tapping and harvesting, you create a somewhat sustainable living ground which you can then decorate and personalize.  Queue Minecraft.

Minecraft is a survival/creation game where you essentially start as a settler in an unknown, untamed land.  There you must build a fortress to protect yourself from the hazard of the wildlife.  Cut trees, dig holes, forge tools, do whatever it takes to survive.  In the process, you create a home for yourself in which you grow crops, mine jewels and ores, and live as prosperously as your own merit and skill can take you.  Below is a review on this addicting game that despite it’s simple design and objective, gives me one of the most pleasurable, emotional, heartbreaking, and back-neck-hair raising experiences I’ve ever had in a game.



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