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They are truly one of the few programs on air that can get away with blatant racism...I love it.

South Park season 16 is about 4 episodes in.  A while back in the midseason finale for their 15th season, creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker hinted through Randy and Sharon’s marriage failure when it came to their ability to shake things up instead of hitting the refresh button was getting more and more problematic when it came to their marriage.  This was probably over analyzed as people saw it as a foreshadowing of how the South Park series was turning out, and people came to a panic that the beloved social satire program would come to an end.  And with Stone and Parker’s new broadway hit, The Book of Mormon firing on all cylinders, it seemed almost plausible.  But of course they said they’re still planning on continuing for at least 2 more seasons.  And that being said, season 16 premiered 4 weeks ago as I just said.  And it’s been an excellent premiere that’s got both my head tilting in thought and side splitting in laughter.


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