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This leaked a while back, which looks like to have all the stars of Superbad sitting a table what the industry calls a ‘table read’.  The star moment is the awkward sex scene between Michael Cera and Martha MacIsaac as they rehearse their forced sex scene.  Enjoy!

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Bromances are important in film.  They remind us guys how to have a good time and how to not forsake the bonds of brotherhood.  That’s why Buzzsugar has amazingly put together some of the best bromances.  You’ll see all your favorite duos here that have great chemistry.  They more than likely can teach you a thing or two how to treat a fellow bro and how to not treat a fellow bro.

Movie Bromances

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God, it seems like high schoolers in movies always knew how to throw the best parties.  Or even college students.  And according to this list, there are also 30 year olds that know how to party.  In my opinion, I think the 30 year olds that make this list: Frank the Tank, Billy Madison, etc. are a little creepy, but hey, when you’re funneling beers, I suppose it doesn’t matter who’s holding one end and who’s drinking out the other.

Party Movie Characters to Rage With

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