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I got around to finally watching Prometheus having skipped out on it when it was out in theaters.  I didn’t really know what to expect as a whole although I did watch the trailer and was pleasantly surprised on how hair raising it was.  Therefore, I wasn’t too surprised and even disappointed when I saw the movie and thought it to be as hair raising and spine tingling as the trailer.  Ridley Scott sure knows how to make a pretty damn entertaining movie.  The cast is great, with special shout-out to Michael Fassbender’s David.  The writers however have another issue coming at them, while they did pen a great cast of personalities and create an interesting premise, they ultimately failed to deliver on the bringing the story to some descent closure.  First a short summary and then read on below for a SPOILER FILLED  critique and review as well as hopefully the beginning of a great discussion on a definite “love it/hate it” type movie.

Dr. Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Dr. Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) are archeologists/anthropologists [I’m not entirely sure on what their profession is, seeing as they’re pretty well versed in a lot of stuff regarding humanity] who have found an alien connection throughout human history.  They appeal to a research and development company to charter a 2 year journey to an obscure planet.  Joining them are a crew of geologists, biologists, pilots, an android and commanding officers.  When they arrive on the planet they find themselves far more over their heads than thought possible.


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