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I’m so ashamed that I’ve only seen about a quarter of the movies on this list.  The ones I did see I felt great about knowing.  I feel as a cinemaphile/fashionista, I’m obligated to do such a thing.  In terms of stylish, most of the people in these movies are wearing dope suits and have chiseled jaws.  I don’t exactly have a chiseled jaw, but I appreciate how good these dudes look.  Maybe I’ll look as suave as these dudes one day.

The Most Stylish Movies

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Resevoir Dogs had a simply unforgettable cast.  Steve Buscemi, Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth to simply name a few.  All unforgettable faces in an already unforgettable movie.  But with all single-sex casts, it’s not uncommon to think about their opposite sex counter parts.  There already are a large number of strong women in Quentin Tarantino films that could easily be doubled over to one of his earlier classics, but check out the full opinion of Charisse and her blog.  I don’t particularly agree with all of them [someone truly crazy has to play Mr. Blonde, Angelina Jolie and Noomi Repace couldn’t do it in my opinion], but she hits the nail on the head with choosing people like Melanie Laurent and Katherine Keener.

Female Versions of Reservoir Dogs

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