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This is a really cool parody of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”.  The lyrics have been tastefully changed to cater to a longtime Star Wars fan who believes George Lucas had sold out and ruined the franchise with the newer movies.  Besides the lyrics, what’s better is that the actual singers seem to actually have decent voice.  And better yet is the close replication of the music video itself, which must’ve had a costly production value.


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This video circled around a couple of weeks ago, pointing out the absurdity of the lightsaber fight, the one redeeming factor I believed to be in the Phantom Menace.  It almost broke my heart be be this blind sighted when I saw him point out the most obvious flaws in what I thought was an awesome scene.  In this video, the creator decided to point out ways to fight in a lightsaber fight.  He’s obviously sarcastic and his true goal is to point out how fake this fight was choreographed.  Enjoy.  And die a little more inside about thinking about how Star Wars has been ruined.

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