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If there’s anything Weekend Funnies have taught me, is that not everyone has the same sense of humor.  But the internet is a generally a collection of everyone and the sheer compilation of the wit and humor that each individual contributes essentially represents the most broadest and generalist appeals to mankind.  So when I choose the 24 images for each Weekend Funny, I know the reason I think it’s funny will be at least funny to some percentage of the world.  And even if the it’s the smallest 1%, 1% of 7 billion is still 700 million.  So I apologize if you’re offended, disgusted, or upset.  Truth be told, if you can’t handle these 24 images, you likely shouldn’t be on the internet anyways.  So stop worrying about racism, sexism, and other means of being upset.  Just keep scrolling, and remember: no one’s looking, it’s okay to smile at something someone would frown upon.



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