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W. Rowntree and Cracked.com has once again come up with this amazing webcomic about the absurdity behind superhero reboots.  I love the justification descriptions behind each one and they truly represent how ridiculous reboots and revamps are becoming.  That being said, the new Spiderman is completely unnecessary and the only reason I might see it is because Emma Stone is A-Mah-Zing.


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If you’re into foreign films, then you’ve probably stumbled upon a plethora of Chinese movies that are essential for calling yourself a movie buff.  But if you’re not into foreign films then you’ve probably never have heard of any of the movies that are on this list.  When you saw ‘Chinese Movies’ in the title, you likely probably thought, Jackie Chan, Kung Fu, and subtitles.  As stereotypical as it is, most of the movies on this list are memorable for those things.  But instead of ignorantly typecasting these movies as “foreign blubbering, sword chucking, Jackie Chan flicks”, think of these movies as films with their own heart, story, and characters.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised and will even consider some of these flicks better than some of the crap Hollywood produces today.


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