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Google Car

Prepare yourselves to be amazed! The google car is here on a test drive to show just how far into the future they intend to take us. With a really interesting set of clips from throughout the day, we see just how awesome Google is at innovation and re-defining the limits of technology. The self-driving car takes us through fast food joints and makes a stop at a laundromat, showcasing both its ability to pay attention to traffic and park. Never more will one have to worry about parallel parking! Actually, I’m not quite sure how this vehicle would handle some of the finer aspects of driving, but I’m definitely excited to see what the finished product will end up like if this ever reaches the production stage!

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As you’ve read, Google’s most ambitious project to date will be slated for release sometime next year. With all the other fancy gadgets we haven’t seen yet that were predicted (like hoverboards a la Back to the Future), it’s nice to see some genuine innovation when it comes to every day use technology. Additionally, as you’ve probably already seen in the video, Google Glass is a radical change from the touch screen environment we’re used to using to a more futuristic and edgy kind of optical technology. I haven’t seen anything that dictates how it works yet, but rest assured I’m a true believer in it despite not knowing much else. Check out more in the article I wrote up about this futuristic step forward. (more…)

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