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finals week

Finals week is here and it means that I’m very busy and very stressed.  I can safely say that this is the last sh*tty semester of my college career, taking an awful 14 hours (which at Georgia Tech engineering = a sh*t ton).  There’s no fluff here: senior design, polymer fibers, quantum chemistry, chemical safety, and process control.  So now that I have 3/5 of the finals down, I decided to give myself a break and sit in a stiff chair for 2-3 hours and draw.  My back hurts and I’m even more tired.  I have a weird sense of taking a break.

This comic is about me ‘beating’ the first 3 finals and the last 2 taunting me as I struggle to the finish line.  Wish me luck.  I’m going in.

That being said: summer is right around the corner and that means more things Banana Scoop.

I’m excited.

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