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Black Carnival: Cover

black carnival page cover

This panel marks the beginning of an ongoing comic series that centers around that original series I keep barking mad about.  This post also marks the opening of the Black Carnival Page located at the top of this blog.  This page will be your home center for all things Black Carnival, including character summaries, panels, concept art, and more.  In addition to the concept art I’ve been releasing over the past week or so, I’m hoping this comic is a weekly series, which will release one page a week of the story I have lined up.  Of course, this an experimental process, and I can’t promise things when school begins to get out of hand [which I know it will].  Below is a broad summary of the series.

Gillian Akers lived an average and normal life as a security guard for an office.  When the mysterious death of her mother triggers a binding will to visit the place where her mother was raised, Gillian takes an adventure to the Black Carnival.  This carnival is a place of strange creatures only thought to be fictional, but she finds quickly that the dangers are surely real.  Gillian finds herself in between years of conflict, racism, and dirty ambition as she unravels the mysteries of the Black Carnival and her mother’s death.

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