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Normally the kind of movies I have time for/show interest in aren’t the most critically acclaimed or nor do they have deep resonating messages.  I used to eat that kind of stuff up.  If there was anything Wes Anderson or coming of agey, I would find it and seek to be taken by its independent film tropes.  These days, I go hard after things like X-Men, Godzilla or Edge of Tomorrow.  My taste in movies have definitely changed and I’m less and less inclined to check out movies with smaller releases and aren’t big budget action movies.  Now that’s not saying that I went to go check out thew newest Transformer movie, but I’ve found a really nice place in genre that combines good writing and action.  I’ve been thirsting for a movie that perfectly catches this medium.

Queue Snowpiercer.

 Snowpiercer was a movie that wasn’t wide released, nor did it perform very well at the box office in the US (this is a South Korean movie, despite most of it being in English, which did really well there, but not so well in the US).  However after watching it, I’ve found that it is one of those movies that perfectly blends style, intriguing characters, story, and action.  Snowpiercer might be one of my favorite movies of 2014.


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