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Cracked Writers have completely burst open another random tidbit in a movie.  In this article, they break down what the meaning of a Snozzberry is based on original writer Roald Dahl’s other works.  The article then begins to break down the ramifications and insinuations that have occurred since then.  And to think it all started with Gene Wilder delivering such a seemingly innocent line…

What the hell has Gene Wilder been doing lately?  I’ve always considered him to be like Bill Murray in the fact that he does whatever the fck he wants as he’s a comic legend.  Both are incredibly old these days and at least Bill Murray is in a couple of movies in once a while.  I think Gene Wilder needs to have a random ass cameo like Bill Murray did in Zombieland.  That’d be the best.

Wonka Hatches the Dirtiest Joke

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