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[EDIT] This video is making serious beefs with my format. The youtube version was cut for copyright and the one I tried to embed is making my format lose all common sense. Until I find another version, I refer you to the link.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

I recently watched The Chappelle Show for laughs and giggles.  First off, it was probably one of the more controversial and groundbreaking shows of its time and inspired a heinous string of followers: Mind of Mencia, etc.  Regardless, the show had a couple of sketches that I dropped my jaw when I saw.  In the clip above is the beautiful tropical fish, Ann Perkins, as an extra who had been reduced to doing seedy yet hilarious sketches like this before her Parks and Recreation days.  Not too groundbreaking, yes, but I think it’s fun to see actors ‘paying their dues’ before they make it big.  I’m sure she cringes every time someone references this.

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