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Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful Christmas.

A friend recommended I check out Gone Girl.  He had read the book and watched the movie and was very pleased with both.  I had only heard about this movie, saw it in some previews like Entertainment Weekly (but still didn’t read the articles), David Fincher and saw that it had Ben Affleck in it.  If I’m being honest, I didn’t really care for what Ben Affleck was doing before he would debut as the Bat in 2016.

And that’s another case of my dumb ignorance.

Gone Girl, as supported by the hype and reviews, was an incredible movie.  It was stylish, beautifully and magnetically acted, and the story was so damn entertaining.  Here’s a relatively spoiler free review.

If you are uninitiated with the premise, please watch the movie first before reading this review.  Going into it dry is honestly the best way to go about it.  This review will be try to be spoiler free, but I’ll probably bring things up that might stay with you as you watch the movie.  Reading this will probably be raising your suspicions when you finally decide to watch it.


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