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From Uproxx:

[On Zach Galifianakis on tumblr]…I felt compelled to compile the definitive collection in one convenient place. Some make for great reaction GIFs, others serve to revisit good times, and all are just good internet….Until we know for sure, please allow this collection of chubby, bearded splendidness to make your day.

The Best Zach Galifianakis .gifs


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Todd Phillips follows up his 100 million  dollar R-rated comedy hit in 2009 with a sequel set in Bangkok.  As with most sequels, there lies the difficulty in making it bigger, badder, and better than the first one and simultaneously maintaining a sense or originality.  Here in the Hangover Part 2, it doesn’t even look like Todd Phillips tried to make this second movie more original, as it’s a copy and cut paste from scene to scene.  And while the funny Alan jokes are still there and the slapstick is a bit more disgusting than the first one, the movie loses the general shock and awe that made us fall in love with the wolf pack in the first place in favor of shedding light on the dangers of Bangkok.  And with no change or twist to distinguish itself from the first one, it’s difficult to call Hangover Part 2 nothing more than a good reason to send these guys to a tropical paradise for a couple of weeks to reshoot a movie they already did.

When Stu (Ed Helms) is getting married [again], he sends himself and the wolfpack [Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper] to Thailand for the ceremony and to meet his fiancé’s family.  The trio have one beer next to a calm bonfire on the beach with their fiancé’s brother and next thing they know they wake up in a motel somewhere in the middle of Bangkok, with new slew of slapstick shticks: a tattooed face, a shaved head, and a highly trained monkey.  They find out that Stu’s fiancé’s brother is missing and set out onto Thailand in an attempt to regain their memory and find him


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