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Game of Thrones is getting a little crazy and is tweaking my interest.  Not the traditional type of crazy or interest tweaking, where there are babies being slain in the street or rat torture devices being strapped to people’s chest, but rather the type of I’m not entirely sure on how to follow what’s going to happen.  Now I’ve read the books and I know all the plot follow ups with last night’s many cliff hangers, but the way they’re executed leaves a sense of interpretation that will genuinely surprise me when I see them seen through.  I suppose this is good to keep the book readers some-what on their toes and the non-book readers a traditional sense of ‘the sh!t is really hitting the roof.’

Overall, last night’s episode was fairly cliffhanging albeit resolutionless.  To me, this season has been extremely resolutionless at many points, primarily because of the way the show jumps around so much that the individual stories will be requiring 8 episodes to finish up.  Regardless, the shows shining moment is the glorious return of Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s Jaime Lannister after only being seen in episode one.  His classic [even wisdomous] snark replaces the hole felt with a lack of Tyrion and carried much of the show’s heart despite being depicted as one of the more villainous characters.  I’ll get into how he defines the shades of gray Game of Thrones installs in all its characters, Dany’s Dragons, and how little Jon Snow knows in the posts below.  Be free to discuss with me, but keep book spoilers to yourself!

**This symbol means that the following passage adheres to the following: [This doesn’t happen in the book, so I’m thoroughly interested in what will occur].  Trust me, it happened quite a bit this episode.


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